As a branding and design agency, we look at both the interior and exterior of a brand to make sure that compelling brand strategy is met with equally compelling branding excellence — from building a stellar brand promise with the potential for strong emotional connections to designing and executing logos and brand identity standards to creating sales materials, advertising, packaging and point-of-sale displays. All branding elements need to work together in to reinforce your competitive edge, reduce your risk and grow your business.

A great brand needs a coherent personality. A cookie-cutter approach will fail to leave a memorable impression.

Companies hoping to engage their customers in digital channels should adopt the Emotional Experience Design (EED). A key principle of the framework asserts that firms need to develop a coherent brand personality by matching visual design styles across channels, building digital interactions that sync with brand attributes and adopting a human tone. In other words, building a total brand experience in all channels and customer touchpoints and creating a memorable identity that is compelling and emotionally engaging.

Product Packaging Design

Great package design is both fascinating and functional. It embodies the virtues of your brand and reinforces its benefits so that it is your product, not your competitor’s product, that finds its way into the hands of the customer. Your product packaging should reinforce the brand visually and maintain the brand’s voice and authenticity. Great package design must be clear, simple, honest, impactful and, of course, practical.

Good things come in many-sized packages. Food, beverage, ice cream, wine, cosmetics; no matter the industry, a handsome package is a long-term investment into selling your product and getting where you want to go. Packaging design also happens to be one of our favorite things to do.

Pentagon Media Solutions will work with you to design product packaging that integrates your shelf presence with the essence of your brand.